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Bill Bromstedt ‘71

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04/17/21 04:16 PM #3    

Paul Asaban

Billy and Judy Malus. I can't believe Billy is gone. Losing one of us is always hard but when I saw Billy had gone I had so many memories together. Not a bad bone in his body....Lord he will be missed. We shared our love of Jimi in the Daisy and beyond. What a wonderful summer in 1970 together with Eric at the Bath Rock Festival. Love you Billy. RIP

04/30/21 05:32 PM #4    

David Kalischer

Unfortunately, I never got to know Billy Bromstedty at ASP or even afterwards. I don’t know about other students there at the time (1967-70), but ASP was a place where you were accepted within a group of students or you weren’t. Billy and I were in different group of friends at ASP. That’s why we never got to know each other, I guess. As a fellow musician (I was in a band during those years with other students), Billy was already shinning as a musician in one of ASP most popular and accepted bands. And his band introduced me to a new type of music I wasn’t so familiar with, coming to Paris from Tokyo. Songs  by Cream and Hendrix. Like almost all of us, once we graduated from ASP, we went our own ways without really keeping in contact  as we never had tools like the internet or Facebook to keep in touch with. Billy and I did become “friends” on Facebook once into the 21st Century, but we never became “close”. There was one incident, though, that changed my impression of Billy. When the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami hit the Fukushima area in Japan in 2011, many people showed concern although I lived more than 1000 miles from where the earthquake and tsunami hit and I was not affected. That’s when Billy sent me a Facebook post saying, “Isn’t it about time you came back to the states?” It was only this one sentence, but this post made me feel he was someone who cared. The post changed the impression I had of him. We always miss people most when they are gone and this is how I feel about Billy Bromstedt, a caring person with a heart. Should have taken some initiative to get to know him better. Some may feel differently about him, but this is how I feel. The image I will always have of him is of a caring musician with that Rickenbacker bass. I'm sure he'll continue with his music in heaven but R.I.P. Billy.

05/01/21 03:53 PM #5    

Diana Henry

It is great to hear all these very kind messages about Billy. He would be quite touched. I only knew him when i was at ASP, and it was good. Sending love to all who loved him too.

05/01/21 09:41 PM #6    

David Kalischer

Sorry about the misspelling of his last name and other potential mistakes. I, have, after all, been away from the US for some time.

05/02/21 06:14 AM #7    

Jack Rapport

Reading David's post and remembering Billy prompted me to reflect on how it is that despite different backgrounds, heritages, influences, even intergenerational baggage, what binds us together is common experience. Growing up in Paris in the 60's and attending ASP is a thread we all share. Though we spread out all over the world and followed different paths, pursued different lives, our bond is unbreakable. May we continue to cherish our memories of Billy, each other, and our common experience, for the rest of our lives.

05/03/21 10:04 AM #8    

Todd Favorite

Well stated Jack! It is wonderful that attachments have endured all these years and continue to offer comfort and support as we enter this phase of life. 

05/03/21 01:34 PM #9    

Diana Henry

Umm, merci Jack and Todd. Yes, this phase of our life allows us to remember and be thankful. It also bringgs opportunities to reconnect despite differences and tragedys.
Connections and connecting bring me much joyheart
Merci besucoup!
Happiness Henry 

05/03/21 02:33 PM #10    

Robert Cowart

Although Billy and I had not been in communication for many years he will always be a part of my life. In 1966 we formed a band called the Rebels with Billy on bass, Eric Rolfson on rhythm guitar, Steve Braca on lead, and myself on drums. We would get together at Eric's house, who lived in Neuilly, to practice our songs, laugh and just have a good time. In 1967 Billy's family moved to Italy, however Billy moved back to Paris in the late 60's where he lived with the Rolfsons. Since I lived just a few blocks away, Billy and I would frequently get together at the Rolfsons where Billy enjoyed a detached room away from the adults ( maid's quarters) where we would talk, occasional cough between bouts of uncontrollable laughter, and listen to music. Since we were both big fans of Hendrix and Clapton we would spend hours debating who was the better guitarist.

In the summer of 1970 Billy lived with me for about a month or so, where we were inseparable. The bass guitarist of my band, Voyage, was killed in a automobile accident, and Billy replaced him. The summer of 1970 was spent touring France in support of 2 records that Voyage had recorded for Opaline Records. These were recorded prior to Billy joining the band. The highlight of the summer was when our agent booked a gig for us to perform at a club in St. Tropez for 14 nights. The owner of the club owned a house not far from the club which was located in the heart of St. Tropez. There we stayed at the guest house for the duration of our stay. One day we were walking down the street, fairly close to the club, when a long haired guy in a white colored Ford van motioned for us to come over. He invited us to join him and his buddy in the van, where he proceeded to light up an odd looking cigarette the size of a megaphone. Our new friends were Rick Wright, keyboard player for Pink Floyd, and their roadie. Pink Floyd were staying in a Chateau close by, and would occasionally come by to watch us perform.

Later that summer Billy moved in with Kay Wheeler's family, where he occupied Karen's room who had returned to the States. Since Kay and I were boyfriend/girlfriend I saw Billy frequently during what was his senior year at ASP. In the summer of 1971 I moved to Boston, as did Kay, and later Billy. There we got together frequently with Phil Brigham, and Gerry Murphy. Billy owned a property in Waterville, Maine where we would get together, hangout and play music. In the summer of 1977 Billy came to Phoenix to visit me while I was attending Thunderbird Graduate School. The last time I saw Billy was at the ASP reunion in 1988.

When I heard of Billy's passing and the circumstances surrounding his death I was deeply saddened. I have known a few people with whom I have had deep relations who have died from the disease. Billy was a kind, giving, sweet, gentle person. May you rest in peace Billy.......................Picture complements of Frank.

05/04/21 04:26 PM #11    

Gary S Arnold ('71)

I recently recieved a few photos from Janet Rode Siegal. Although I was not a close friend of Billy, I take it that Janet was. Janet was a member of the class of '71, although she spent only one year ('69-'70) at ASP. With her permission I am posting some of theme here.

01/27/22 06:55 PM #12    

Paul Asaban

Now that I am retired I was digging through drawers and found these pics. There's Billy playing his Rickenbacker with the Daisy wearing my fur vest. Me, Eric and Billy at Eric's house. Eric's dog Bobo is in my arms. Above...our first gig at Marymount in Paris. Miss you Billy. 

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